Classic Harrington Jackets - Made in the UK

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The Iconic Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jackets are quintessentially British.   If you are a Mod – this is THE jacket for you. 

The Men’s Classic Harrington Jacket has been around for almost 80 years!   It’s just as easy to wear now as it was then.  It’s lightweight, adaptable and oozes cool. 

Celebrities we all remember well including James Dean, Frank Sinatra, the one and only Elvis and many more.  They just oozed cool when they wore one.    

Since then we have seen our very own James Bond donning a blue cotton Harrington style jacket, inspired by the classic Baracuta Harrington in Quantum of Solace.   As you can only imagine it has now become one of the most sought-after Bond jackets.  

Bradley Cooper also donned one in the Hangover Part II.    You can spot him wearing a blue Baracuta G9. This super star also loves wears them ‘off set’.  He is often photographed wearing Harrington and bomber jackets mastering the effortlessly cool.

This just shows us British made, British cool, is still very much ‘in’ and these iconic jackets are the perfect item for your wardrobe.  

Our Men’s Classic Harrington Jackets are simple, versatile and they are perfect for nearly all seasons, all year round.  You can fit a jumper underneath or just wear a bold colour t-shirt underneath in the summer evenings.   It is one of our top sellers year after year.   It just never gets old.  

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